PinMeh About Me Mommy Cusses


I'm Serena, your resident serial Pinterest failer. This website was made spontaneously from a joke I made about how unrealistic a lot of the pins we see on Pinterest are. I sarcastically announced that I'd be making an ugly and very unofficial sister site to Pinterest with sections like "Sh*t even you could do" and "Outfits for lazy people" that consisted only of pins that had been put to the test by myself and other average people.

The idea was born. For once, my sarcasm led to something productive.

So, here you go: PinMeh. A place where I post sh*t from Pinterest that either I've actually tried, people I know to be non bullsh*tters have tried, or that I've seen people attempt from around the web.

You can also check me out at my blog: Mommy Cusses where I like to poke fun at kids, spouses, and motherhood.


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